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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Super Smashing Holiday!!!! Dec 20

not art in show
You would think iam8bit would be doing this one-they're making ornaments- no, it's QPop taking control of this holiday season with a Super Smash Bros themed art show in December!

Super Smashing Holiday!!!!
December 20 at 7:00pm
Q2 mini Gallery in Los Angeles, California

Some of QPop's favorites artists are showing off their moves and love of Smash this holiday season.

Wait, there's more! A tournament is going to be projected? Projected where? We don't know, but let's hope that I lend my Wii U so all the characters are unlocked or at least create some Miis for Chris and Miki, the co-owners of the gallery. 

List of artist so far:
Sylvia Liu
Eastwood Wong
Keiko Murayama
Phillip Light
Heejin Kim
Jane Schneider
Tim Snyder
Elsa Chang
Chris Turnham
Bernie Petterson
Doug Gauthier
Dave Smith
Cheyenne Curtis
Sangeun Song
Michelle Park
Helen Chen
Nikolas Ilic
Eusong Lee
Aaron Fryer
Stephanie Ramirez
Brian Kesinger
Carrie Liao
Crowded Teeth
Tania Franco
and more