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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blipsy Bar: Don't Get Tipsy on Spy Hunter

Why are there Pac-Man pellets outside of this nameless bar in Koreatown? It's the Blipsy Barcade or Blispy Bar, one of the last old-school arcades of LA...and it's a bar. They have some old arcade and pinball machines to play and grab a beer while you look a the decor and think, "I hope this doesn't give me nightmares."

Blipsy Bar
369 N Western Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
P (323) 461-7067
Last Friday night, the city was cold, we had just filmed our gaming show a few miles away at World 8. We hadn't had our gaming fix filled, so we ended up at the famous-Yelp famous-Blipsy Barcade, a seedy bar arcade set in Koreatown with no easy way to identify what it was, where it is, or what's going on inside from the outside.

Once inside you'll be shocked by the old arcade titles and the comic shop/Chuckie Cheese furry costumes all over the place. Past the She-Ra and Orko pictures hanged with care you have a wall of arcade classics wanting for your quarters.

Punchout uses two monitors? We never saw this fighter that has two screens, one for your fight, the other for the billing of the fighters. Look in the crowd when your dodging attacks, is that Donkey Kong? This machine makes the whole bar come alive with how loud it gets calling out moves and the fight.

The Twilight Zone pinball machine opens the doorway to even more noise as you'll hear Rod Sterling tell you to consider stuff from beyond the grave.

Can't say much about  the drinks, we only stayed long enough to get a bite to eat next door. Yelp reviews say they're fair priced.

Games cost rarely more than a quarter and there's an ATM and change machines (almost hidden) in back.

This place isn't going to win an award for decorum. It's like they tried decorating  years ago, gave up, and people are just sneaking stuff in and putting it places, and they gave up. Whatever, it doesn't get in the way of the games you can play.

There's a small section for a DJ to drop beats, but we may have come by too early for any beats to be dropped.

Blipsy is a small, hole-in-the-wall arcade. If mixing up for a night around LA head there late, play some games and get something to drink.