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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WonderCon 2013: Capcom

Capcom might have had the most impressive booth, so stylish it could be Devil May Cry high score. So many parts came together like a Remember Me free photo booth which captured memories of the con. One side was devoted to Monster Hunter 3 Ulitmate with demos and free charging station for your 3DS. It looked rather impressive, I'd like if other booths went the extra mile Capcom did. Multiple demo stations for Remember Me, Lost Planet 3 and more. Duck Tales had it's own photo section where you could dress like Scrooge McDuck with money bags included and try out the remade game. As usual plenty of free posters. Sadly, as I've written before I missed out on getting the new mini- Lost Planet 3 plushies that were handed out. I saw the last ones given to the children of someone who works at WayForward.

The World of Capcom panel was more of a reminder of everything that was revealed at PAX East. Fans got to check out a new Mega Man statue and clamored for the Mega Buster flash drives coming out later this year at some point. The best part was the ending sing-a-long to the Duck Tales remastered game.