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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MyLA 311 Smartphone App A Good Idea From Our Local Goverment?

The new MyLA 311 Smartphone App allows you to submit a bunch of different service requests fast and easy including asking for graffiti removal or bulky item pick up from sanitation services. I'd seen early versions of this app years ago, but had no idea the city of LA would implement the program. I'd love to see statistics of how well it works, but for now let's hope it does. It's down loadable from both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. You can even submit problem anonymously. This has nothing to do with crime or emergency services just basic services you might need from the city. You can also submit pictures and set a GPS  location point from your phone  for any service request.

There's some other stuff, you can pay you LADWP bill, not the best part. You can see what's nearby and made available through taxes like parks and libraries and get news of what city hall is wasting money on now. If this works then city managed to do something right for once. Now if we could just get an app that could direct us away from LA Live as fast as possible.