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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MADtv: Season Two Review 90's Comedy Still Better Than Current SNL

MADtv: Season Two

Looking into the past I see boobs, the start of many comedians careers and many hosts who became very mediocre or died.

MADtv: Season Two is brought back from unknown DVD hell by Shout Factory. Fans of the series have been wondering when more seasons would be hitting DVD with a long hiatus between season one's release and now.

Mad comes out of the 90's with oddball jokes and totally male-oriented humor. Fox was less about animation back then and more about Married with Children. So that means crude jokes and boobs being add to everything. From the first episode I watched featuring a Bob Dole free arm for your vote it's clear Mad will being making fun of 90's pop culture in the dumbest way possible. It's not bad to be childish or dumb about it this is a sketch comedy a show and on a Saturday evening you might just want to laugh.

Married with Children shows it's influence by having both Bud and Kelly host an episode separately. You also have the talent of Joe Rogan, Queen Latifah and other people who sort of hit it big, but went no further. Even Rodney Dangerfield hosted an episode.

You have a cast of young comedians like Phil Lamar, the voice of every black cartoon character, and Nicole Sullivan, background character in sitcoms. Artie Lang even appears young, though I'm sure he'll be dead as Dangerfield at the rate he's going. Artie doesn't last long even in this season, he's out by episode 10.

You won't be out with each episode being very different. Parodies go full scale. The Micheal Jackson as a action star sketch was brilliant as it was dirty, too many little boys.

You'll act act like a little kid and hopefully be nowhere near anyone like Micheal while watching these and remembering the jokes you haven't seen in almost a decade.