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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Japan Style: Architecture Interiors Design Review Simple Pleasant Alone

Japan Style: Architecture Interiors Design

Sometimes I wonder if I should just change the site to Things To Do In Japan. I cover Coo1 Japan, Japan's style that attracts foreigners and is sold by their travel agencies, so often. Be it anime, film, video game and so on something just captures my attention. What's capturing it now is Japan Style a lengthy luxurious book fit to be in a hair commercial surrounded by models. It's so artistic and lonely it hardly seems real. The places depicted might be someones home, but there so empty and alone it makes one wonder would one really like that style. To be that alone with nothing around  with paper thin-window walls?  In the pursuit to have model homes that look museum pieces it may be bittersweet for the people living in them.

The sweet might be from the beauty from the architecture and design that this book not only captures in wonderful photographs. Taken as though every piece of wood was a model forced by some photographer to take the perfect stance in a shot. Then you can read up on the style of house like a photographer's assistant explaining everything that's going on to you as the photos are being taken.

You have lovely lonely living environments that one would like to trade in for nice luxury items like a couch or a Ferrari or a hybrid of the two. Where that hypothetical hybrid might look considerably ugly, but comfortable you won't find anything so tacky in this tomb. You will at times sigh and go "Wouldn't that be lovely...". To me it would be lovely, but also rather lonely, unless I started a big family. Every room looks like no one has been living in them.

Though these homes don't feel one with warmth they do fill you with curiosity as to how one functions in such a place different from their own. The most grimace section might be The Evolution of a Modern Home. Which shows off a place that would be a nice bachelor pad, but doesn't look very inviting for family or even friends over. You'd might believe it be a lack of space but its just the empty space I can't stand.

A beautiful book showcasing Japanese homes, perhaps I put on the idea of loneliness to them, but the book isn't empty. This book is filled with perfect photographer and information on the homes you'll stare at. Only the homes in the pictures are empty.