Thursday, April 4, 2013

Film Festivals Dominating LA April Through May

Starting today and over into next month LA will be bombarded by film festivals. Some will be comedic others will be foreign and they end with fan loved super hero classics. Here's a breakdown of what's happening.

April 4-7
Downtown Independent

What do you get when you let comedians free to come up with wild and crazy shorts? I don't know yet, I haven't gone and covered it. I will Saturday so look forward to that future post. Spouting a huge list of well known comedians such as Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central's Key & Peele, Funny or Die alumni and the best of basic cable comedy you're into laugh at bit-sized bits. There's special parties every night to consume real bite-sized bits.

April 5-21
Egyptian Theatre

Not snore city by any means. Relive mystery filled classics at the Egyptian. What will man's inner voice say in the suspense of the moment in a large collection of film noir classics? A chance to see theses films on the big screen again should not be passed up. Two features will even be in 3-D.

April 9-14
ArcLight Sunset Cinemas

First of the foreign film festivals coming to LA and starting in April. The Indian Film Festival has been gracing LA for many years providing outlandish musicals to heartbreaking tales about major political, class and sex issues happening in India. It's not that sullen with extravagant musicals on Bollywood budgets, a family day for the kids and sometimes the most outlandish ideas possible. My top choice for what to see? Eeega or translated simply "Fly", a story of a man murdered and reincarnated as a fly to save his love and get revenge with musical numbers.

April 15-22
Directors Guild of America

French films are the special course of film critics in our fair city. They love to comment and slowly chew the fat of each different delicate film. Take a chance a bite down on one for yourself so you might eat along side them and say, "I don't know what they ate, but I'll stick with burgers and fries". How many romantic comedies can you take? If it's for a date, maybe more than one.

April 25–28
Multiple Venues Hollywood

Though nothing new will be shown, there aren't many chances to see classics on the big screen and meet those involved with those classics. Only a few days to see some wonderful golden age cinema where it was created and talk about if it was just a recently released blockbuster

(no official site as I write this, link goes to CapeTown site)
April 30 - May 6
Egyptian Theatre

From Entertainment Weekly's Geoff Boucher, formerly of the LA Times Hero Complex site comes a brand new film festival to geek out at. Fan favorites announce include Escape From New York with Kurt Russel in attendance and a Star Wars Day with special surprise guests.

May 2-12, 2013
Directors Guild of America,  multiple Locations

A festival devoted to showing the emerging work of Asian film directors. This festival changes every year with different voices from here to around the globe. Last year so big budget horror, action-dramas and a few comedies. This years is more toned downed with mostly dramatic and documentary films. The biggest title being promoted is "Linsanity" about basketball super star Jeremy Lin.

(no official site as I write this, link goes to Hero Complex site)
May 10-12
Chinese 6 Theaters

Created by Geoff Boucher, who has now go on to create the Cape Town Film Festival, it's the original super hero love-spree and fan favorite film festival. For fans of the X-Files this will be their year with a day devoted to watching fan picked episodes of the cult loves series.

May 11-26
New Beverly Cinema, multiple locations

The Japan Film festival shows off diverse genres of films from the other side of the world. Many films last years deal with the horrendous 2011 Tsunami and it's aftermath. This year might break back into independent thoughtful pieces, rare comedies and everyday life films about Japan. It has tough competition with the Eiga Film Fest happening earlier in the year. Eiga had many bid budget titles shown that the Japan Film festival passes up.