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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Blumhouse of Horrors Review, Dark Magic Scares

 A stage show of dark magic and horrors awaits you just a bit off from LA Live. Jason Blum a producer of many horror films decided to bring his version of a haunted house to downtown.

The Blumhouse of Horrors is open for business until early November.

Located at 940 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA

The Blumhouse is more of magic show gone wrong following the messed up lives of the lost and tortured souls of those who worked in the Playhouse Theater. You're following a story about a lost wife and a powerful dark magician called Magi. Magi the Mysterious seems to have gotten rid of the theater owners wife, Victor Butterfiled, who isn't happy about it and he'll explain why in bitter detail.

On a dark evening in LA I headed down fierce South Figueroa to a destination of darkness. There it was, a theater, a new nighmare of dark arts, it was the Blumhouse of Horrors. I was shocked, I passed by such a wonderful theater house probably thousands of times after stepping in it. Being greeted by the strange owner Victor made me wonder had I gotten myself into.

I had gotten myself into a evil magician's layer. This Haunted theater greeted me with different care takers, none looked like they'd seen the light of day in a while. You should almost wear 1930's clothes with how the look and feel of the place transports you to that era. I was in error to think with how many haunted houses I had been in I'd come out of this without any scares.

Yeah, they got me, they got me good. They planned out their hide-outs well. The smaller groups then mazes you'll find in the major theme parks helped out, but I'm thinking smaller groups than 15 might be even better.

 Now what sets it apart from you average haunt is the amount of space and more dedication to a particular theme. The theme was smart for being about a dark arts magician with vaudeville era stage acts as the backdrop. Unlike other scares around LA, it's more about looking the part, not random chainsaw wielder or zombie comes at you. Your haunted by ghosts of the past and they ain't happy to see you with the house coming alive at some points even to show it's hate.

So length wise your transversing a 5-story building and the activities are covered over three floors. This has you going in and out, up stairs and on elevators. Watch your step! You can easily get lost in the place and you don't wanna. You'll be going to very different destinations, that I don't want to give away, but do remember you are in a theater so you might find yourself in some strange places. If you've ever been through the Delirium maze at Knott's and liked the start, you're in for treat. The creative crew did give off some great touches, ever expanding your horizon for something new to startle or impress you.

Darkness and magic can be only communicated best by your evil Magician. A hard evil act shine through, weaving the story and he is at the center.The Magi and Mr. Butterfield, the owner of the playhouse and the rest of the casts shows off what a great cast can pull of. They themselves were part of the show that really made me feel like I was part of the unfolding story. Feeling like your a cameo guest star on a sitcom is a good way of describing the help.  Shout-outs to the elevator operators.

Final Screams

When I attended my party go lost easily, but I was informed the haunt wasn't finished yet. Just some simple netting or false walls needed to be put up to stear people in the right path. Sometimes a call from the much liked cast might be a help. A few frights weren't operational, but when they worked they had me seeing new fears.

The part right before the ending, let's say where you make your big break for an audience, had me a bit perturbed and I'm un-aware if it was due to not being finsihed or it not having a frightening end. That "scene" ended awkwardly as did the end of the haunt. There needed to be a more clear, this is the end for this new haunt. I see much potetional and await the reviews from the crowds coming in.

Well, this is the end of the review.

The reviewer died writing this review!