Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IndieCade 2012: I Hope I'm Not As Bad As Kotaku

I'm sorry readers if my reporting on IndieCade has been too meta or just sheer boring. After reading one of the most nauseatingly meta, touchy-feely articles on IndieCade on Kotaku, Wandering Through The ‘Burning Man’ Of Video Games, which is sheer crap, it makes me want to write better for the site.

I remembering reading Micheal McWhertor's story on Ben Esposito's Kachina, a day ago on The Verge and the difference is high between him and Kotaku's article, funny as he use to work on Kotaku. I hope my wanderings and write-ups were far more entertaining than Patrica Hernandez's, she took time to explain Culver City, eeh.

Here's a video about IndieCade that really doesn't explain anything and is a clip show until the end when an interview with the guy behind FTL: Faster Than Light happens. It was in the comments section of the Kotaku article. I did like the editing, but so little content, my favorite part is the cat at the end for no reason. It would have been better if the interview was seperated from the random shots.Check the cameo of Ben Esposito, you can't miss his shirt.