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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Update: Horror Films For Halloween

 Films I've been watching for Halloween.

The Revenant

Killed in Iraq, a soldier comes back to LA and becomes an undead vigilante. It's a buddy cop film, that gets crazier and crazier along the way as one of them starts out a Revenant like a cross between a vampire and a zombie. I was amazed at some of the shots Toronto After Dark got when they aren't such a big studio, they really filmed in Iran. They filmed right on Hollywood and Highland too. Camera work changes from B-horror to professional shots, if they cut out some stuff it be considered A-level material all the way.
So story wise it's a buddy cop film taking place in LA with themes on religion, death, being a hero, corruption, racism, morality and even war itself. This is a comedy horror film best for spotting places you've walked around town. You have to love how dumb two friends become over the period of this film including repeatingly shooting each other. You won't see the real ending coming, but you might predict what else might happen. Still a fun ride.

Who Can Kill A Child?

 A remakes on the way of this classic about an island taken over by murderous children. It starts off slow and the classic use of horrible real world imagery starts the film. See a British couple enjoying their holiday on a tropical Island take a turn for the worse as kids gain some sort of stare virus, maybe some sort of psychic disease that makes them murder adults.

Where other horror films tread only at night this one happens in the sunshine. The ending is reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead and how the Mrs doesn't make it I actually didn't see coming.

Children will continue to creep you out more than the already do.

Juan of The Dead

Hello, inside jokes about Cuba. The humor in this isforeign and takes on the Cuban vibe though heavily borrowing the idea from Shaun of The Dead. The film was another fun romp into the zombie genre in a new local. Juan himself is an anti-hero whose group of friends are low-lifes. When he starts charging to kill loved ones you'll find it normal behavior for him. I'm guessing he's a know comedian or something, because he goes for some dark jokes throughout the film, but they're still funny. He also kicks ass better than Shaun ever did, even brandishing nunchucks at one point.

It kind of reminded me of a less subtle Nacho Vilagando film. I'm sorry I missed it at the LA Film Festival this year. It is subtitled, but you'd laugh at some of the stuff without having to understand what people are saying. The special effects are on the same level of a real horror movie. Loved the closing animation.