Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Their Skin Review

On Demand and Digital Now
 In Theaters Nov 9th

Awkward would be the word I would use to describe this thriller. In Their Skin is scary romp through something people might take for granted: your life, your back story and who you are. As much as you might hate yourself you have your life and you were wrong to think someone can't take it away from you.

Before getting to much in depth, a family tries to escape from a disaster in their lives by going to their vacation house in a cold winter Midwest environment, the husband and wife are having a troubling time staying together. Everything seems somewhat normal until unwanted neighbors with weird quirks who ask too many questions drop in.

In Their Skin features the psychos who are there to teach you a lesson. These lessons are always costly and more for their benefit as they're psychos. The psychos in this have to take on the roles of the people they kill, it's just there way of coping with whatever there problem is.

You won't be coping with the subject matter as this psycho family, starts replicating the actions of a family already saddened by the death of their daughter. The psycho family led by "Bob" keeps cutting into the normal family by how perfect they are and how much they're living the good life, but from an earlier kill it doesn't seem to matter whose lives they take. How many lives have they already taken is unknown, but will they be taking this new families life too?

One of my favorite moments in the film is between the regular families boy and the psychos families playing a shooter on the Xbox. When some showboating commences it's ended shortly by a knife being taken out.

If your in the mood for a psycho thriller with no supernatural sights you should see it and be grateful for who you are, because someone wants it.