Saturday, October 13, 2012

IndieCade 2012: Board Games and Night Games

 One of my favorite card games, Metagame was being played throughout the festival. If you don't remember the review from way back you must debate on video games on questions asked. Questions like "What goes better with a beer?" or "What looks more beautiful?" can have very funny results, when people come up with some great bullshit for the answers. A pleasure to play again randomly with strangers into the night. There were plenty of other board games to try many with an adult feel, but they were banished once night came.

Night games change the festival and make it a 21+ event. Some of the titles get much more dirty and the little one can't stay. It also meant playing games in the dark and with the help of smart phones, some on screen laid out at night. Phil Phish was off somewhere being a DJ, too.