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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Puella Magi Magica Modoka Premieres Magically in Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo had fans of anime flocking to the Downtown Independent, Friday for the premieres of Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 1: Beginnings and Part 2: Eternal. The mob of Modoka fans was lined up out the door for the sold out show I attended.  The showings for the film are sold out this weekend, but a few days still have seats.

You can or der the remaining tickets here
Oct 22-25

 Before even stepping foot near the theater, earlier fans who saw the 1pm screening were walking around Weller Court and the Little Tokyo Plaza with poster in hand. Those who buy tickets also receive a poster while supplies last. Hearing happy conversations between fans and some cute cosplaying girls about the film I made my way to the theater.

Entering the theater was a sight with cosplaying Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi handing out posters and signed pictures of Madoka. The cosplayer Madoka even had red eyed lenses to look more like the character. As many young man entered, startled to see women, most got in line to buy Madoka merch. An entire booth of Madoka products stopped fans by having items they couldn't pass up like Kyubey ears that should be only be warn by girls, but didn't stop many guys from getting them. Still fans were excited as they bought and talked anime and had a nice selection of Japanese snacks at concession.

As we geared up for the film we were told we'd have a special message and as it turns out a trailer for the third film, which I hope has a showing in LA like these films did. My mind is somewhere in pieces by actually watching the film, I'm not reviewing it, but I'll give you some info on my experience. From what looks like an adorable magical girl anime, becomes a beautifully animated film with high level of sci-fi and action sequences equal to the last Evangelion film. Some action scenes were ike seeing multiple American action movies combined, while other themes delved so far out there into sci-fi territory it amazed me. This is no way is a kids movie, it has a cute outer shell, but inside it's painful, it's where it's true soul lies.

From what I saw I don't understand why none of the anime cons that take place in LA don't happen in Little Tokyo. The court for the JACCC, it's theater and various hotels and empty parking lots could fit many anime fans.

Aniplex and Eleven arts pulled of a great first run night. This was a long night too, as you're watching two feature length films. If you've seen the anime series, a friend explained they did add content and assembled it a much easier way yo understand it all.

Here's the swag they were handing out.