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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventure Time Time: Blazin Donald Glover and Domingo De Aventuras

Donald Glover of Community fame has been confirmed for the voice of Marshall Lee in Season 5 of Adventure Time. Neil Patrick Harris of The Smurfs and a really cool Haunted Play here in LA is back as Prince Gumball as well. Jake and Rainicorn's pups will also make thier debut.

This weeks episode "I Remember You" raised further questions about what the Hell happened to Earth, reveal Ice King and Marceline know each other, I beleive it was the first episode they've been in together. It was extra freak when Ice King tried to kiss her when their relationship seemed like that of Father and Daughter

In Mexico, Chogrin Munoz who works on AT was part of Adventure Time art show" Domingo De Aventuras, which is like the 3rd or 5th AT art show this year. Here's some pics. I wonder what other countries around the world get the show, I know Japan does. I want some AT manga.

Extra AT pics