Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adventure Time Time: Adventure Time Virtual Goods Ugly Garbage

Hey it's the return of Adventure Time Time now saved for the weekend.

Adventure Time Xbox Live Goods

No Finn Bunny Hat Thing! No Jake to follow me around. No, just some really cheaply done virtual goods. They're just so lackluster. Marceline's Axe Bass let's you levitate and that's it.

Finn's Sword is called "Finn's Toy Golden Sword of Batt", what the Hell? I think Pen is just giving fake names for it.

Adventure Time Halloween Costumes

The real world isn't to far from the virtual world with some ugly Adventure Time costumes.

Fionna and Cake Comic

Natasha Allegri is doing the first issue, but it won't come out for months. Weird, she's only down for only one issues when the awful Marceline comic has one writer for the whole series.