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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What The Hell Just Happened In Bravest Warriors #1 ?

Bravest Warriors #1 just came out and it's all kinds of mad crazy goodness. The first page has a world exploding while the rest of the issue shows the team of Bravest Warriors picking what horror movie to watch. So a sci-fi action series about space heroes first issue had little to do with anything other than chilling and picking a movie to watch. Yet, it was a hilarious read. Dialogue in this comic needs to win an award right now as ever character seems to spout some of the strangest lines that are way to thought out, many of which are burns towards other warriors.

What's funny again is that this comic came out before the launch of the actual new cartoon series on Cartoon Hangover happening Nov.9, there's clip below, so check it out. It's so strange to see new media properties come out in different formats before their own launch like how Warrios first episode hasn't come out yet. It's kind of like having the new Dante in PlayStation All-Stars before his game comes out. If the cartoon is anywhere as good as the comic then we're all in for a treat. Can't wait for the next issue and more thrilling ends to sexism for intellegent bananas.