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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IndieCade 2012: Passport

It might seems like a little, but the IndieCade 2012 Passport blew me away. They totally thoughful idea of putting gamers on a quest to collect stamps from every game made me long for Pokemon badges and Xbox Achievements. Getting a stamp for entering a new location or playing a new game just shows the attempt of making IndieCade more fun and it worked. Each new game tried to have a new icon for itself, though some had to settle for IndieCade as there embossing mark. You know it was a playful idea when the first inside page has" It's Dangerous To Go Alone" written on it. Please keep this for next year IndieCade, it's a great memento for the event, unless you get more support and we do transition to badges

The Passport also contained a schedule of events, synopsis on games and a map of the event.