Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Update: Halloween Comics

Yotsuba Ch.81 has Yotsuba learning about Halloween in of course the silliest fashion possible, by being dressed as a pumpkin. Watching a child learn for the first time they get candy for free is always a sight to see, but more funny to see unfold in Japan where Halloween isn't that well known. Still the treats she gets are far better than the one here as unprepared adults give her entire boxes of Oreo cookies. There might be an increase in return as everyone in the story stops to take pictures of 4Chan's unofficial mascot.

If Janelle Monae ever has a comic about herself Amy Reeder needs to draw it. From a Kickstarter project we have Hallow's Eve, a story about a sales girl at a Halloween costume store that gets involved in a magical situation of sorts or a dream caused by sleep deprivation.The story is a bit meh, but Amy Reeder must be a fashion desinger from the cool costume designs. It's out through Image as a one-shot.

The Simpson Treehouse of Horror is back this year with four "chill-tacular" tales in #18 of the series. Just like the Halloween episodes movies are ripped off and redone for The Simpsons. You have Rosemary's Baby, Evil Dead, The Dark Night and The Cabin In The Woods made fun of or twisted in this issue.  I think it would have be more fun with more indie artists given a shot, these years tales were a bit dry.