Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IndieCade 2012: Cardboard Arcade

Remember Cain's Arcade? Really, you don't? Well, that's odd I told you about is and so did a bunch of other media. So a kid builds his own arcade, a marketing wiz does a video on it and that kid has a nice college fund. He also inspired info desk into creating a Cardboard Arcade and if I didn't need to cover so much of the event I would have made something too, but plenty of kids were in my place, making their own arcade machines. Seeing parent's having to carry them and fit them in their cars was another treat. Lots of innovation off this event and with just cardboard boxes and some dollar store supplies. Watch out Wii U, the cardboard box could kick your butt this Christmas. No ... it can't, damn it why do you look like so much fun Wii U.