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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terrible News Japan Arcade and Family Fun Arcade Closing

Japan Arcade
Little Tokyo Shopping Center:
333 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1735
2nd floor

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Sad to write this, but it must be told so you don't miss your chance to play at these places one last time before they go. Japan Arcade of Little Tokyo and Family Fun Arcade of Granada Hills are closing Dec 31st. To hear of this happening right after how well IndieCade went saddens the blow and it's closing so close to Christmas too. Owner Ralph Senhert will be closing down both due to financial problems brought on by health issues. If the the man's 38 years of arcade service has meant something in your life or would like to learn more go to Arcade Relief, a special donation drive for Ralph will be happening Dec 15th, I'll remind you. This drive will to be to help Ralph, it's not a drive to save the arcades.

I've been to Family Fun maybe twice, unlike the fighting community in LA which idolizes the place. You can read more stories and what it's meant to others here at Shoryuken. Japan Arcade was like stepping back into nostalgia when I discovered it again in Little Tokyo, it had been years since I been in arcade when I entered it and was blown away after seeing. Since then, I must of visited countless times on trips to Little Tokyo. I was there when Retro Gamer came to town for his visit or trying the insane punching game Fist of the Northstar, playing Taiko Drum Master with friends and not understanding Japanese, playing Typing of the Dead and and and.. so much!

Worst of all is how Japan Arcade had the massive facelift not too long ago to look better after it was purchased by Family Fun and had a huge variety of sodas and snacks put in stock. Sure, it still had a man behind a bizarre wall who sometimes seemed to never be there, but that's what a old arcade is like.

On weekends it had the LA Street Pass community nearby and kids and college students would fill up the place.The Little Tokyo Mall amazes me for always being half dead and half brand new as new stores come and go. A bowling alley past due, will not take the place of Japan Arcade. Will Anime Jungle give up it's stupid photo booth cosplay store and just make it an arcade? With no competition it would work. It still wouldn't be Japan Arcade, be sure to check out one before they're one forever and all your stuck with is Dave and Busters and that aren't any even in LA.