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Thursday, October 25, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars LA Beatdown Party

Boh-boh-boh-bo, sorry couldn't get that damn PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal beat out of my head from the commercials. Wednesday night my head and the rest of my body were situated outside of the IAM8BIT Gallery where fans were lined up to rock PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. Seconds after I got in so did the fans. As they past by pedestals, each having an item belonging to a character in the game they made there way to the back of the gallery. Before they got there many collected theie free limited edition poster and t-shirt only available that night (what IAM8BIT is known for). After collecting their swag they had access to the game on multiple units with SuperBot Studios employees by each console to help out and show them how to play.  Some just got lost it the large projected screen fights off in the distance. If you beat someone from SuperBot you got a special t-shirt for you victory.

IAM8BIT had a photo area with plenty of props to play with. You could become Kratos or a monkey from Ape Escape, but you also had the chance to pick up plenty of prop weapons to show off your moves.

Way play with props when you could dish out hits with the game itself. I heard fans going "Eehhhh' and "Nooooo" as intense battles were fought out all night. Luckily, even though the head of the game Omar Kendall came to the celebration he gave no speech so everybody could enjoy themselves. Everyone did enjoy themselves by mercilessly launching missiles, electrocuting and setting each other on fighter. Instant friendship for everybody. I myself got lost trying to learn all of Ratchet's moves or getting use all the Big's Daddy's plasmids. The diverse roster of characters and strange backgrounds allows for a lot of different trial and error per character. Kratos was probably used the most with Sweet Tooth coming in second.

As I saw old friends who I had stop bad guys, played music and killed gods with disintegrate into the PlayStation button logos I was a bit nostalgic and a bit happy to see them coming together to violently destroy each other.

The game is due out Nov 20.

more photos of the event after the jump