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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check It Out: Season 1 & 2 Review

Check It Out: Season 1 and 2

Why? Why do I like this show? It's stupid, so very dumb and stupid. From Tim and Eric and John C Reily, when he has free time, is Check It Out. Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule mocks local news. It mocks it to such a high degree it's sheer lunacy as to why Steve Brule has this show. Dr. Steve Brule, who could never be a doctor of anything goes on bizarre reports in everyday life with just some of the worst cuts and camera work on purpose. What you get is a bizarre look into a man child's mind looking into the world.

When the show first aired I hated it, but now watching it with friends I can't deny finding it funny. It's not deep at all, it's just sheer stupidity. I can't wait to hear what Dr. Steve Brule will say next or what bizarre situation will happen to Steve. Will he befriend a gay biker on accident or be told he was poisoned by his mother, I don't know. What happens in the show, to make it even more odd, is constant cuts into Steve Brules program by odd updates like Yesterday's Weather or Sports Updates all presented by real world bad actors.

My favorite episode was the one on Food and I'm not being lazy not writing the title of the episode, the episode is simply title Food. Dr. Steve Brule not understanding sushi and how bad he acts when he hates it is mind blowing dumb.

For having only 12 episodes it will have you laughing and spouting phrases from it. Extras include multiple deleted scenes and extended scenes. Video quality is not an issue here as all episodes are suppose to have a terrible VHS poor quality feel.

 I do recommend it at it's cheap price and one of the oddest comedies to see.