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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Update: Horror Films Galore, Shout-Out To Shriekfest

As I stated earlier the Nuarte one week run of "V/H/S starts this weekend, but it only one of many Horror films you can attend in LA. Yet, the Filmmakers, Writers and; Producers of V/H/S will be In Person Fri, Oct 5 at 7:00pm, 9:40pm and Midnight, and Sat, Oct 6 at 7:00 and 9:40pm!

Be sure to check out my new Horror Film section for this October on the right of the site for all your horror movie needs.


Shriekfest in it's 12th year brings some of the strangest and fun horror films out in LA. So many indie films, so little time. Please, check out their shorts, some of the silliest ones in horror. This festival gives so many people a chance to share of their work and horrify people, in years past it had some fun sci-fi, but this year is all murders and being stuck in places. Cheap tickets make it a must for the Horror weekend ahead!

A Monstrous Centennial: Universal's Legacy of Horror
This already started, but ends late this October.

In October, the Academy celebrates the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures with screenings of 13 classic horror films.

Egyptian and
Aero Theatres
Hollywood & Santa Monica
Sat, October 6 - Wed, October 31

Other than the Horrorthon below you have: a mmummython, live music for old horror films and they actually got a screening of the realtot horror movie The Selling!

7th Annual Dusk-To-Dawn Horrorthon

Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90403 Map
Sat, October 27
It has returned, no word on the New Bev Horror-whatever, but it'll probably be sold out, before I can tell you. You can't beat that price of $20 on how sleepy you'll be in the morning. You've got all these goodies and a great enviornmnet to get frighned in.

Coffee courtesy of Pete’s Coffee, Monster Energy Drink courtesy of Hansen's Beverage and prizes and giveaways courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Spend all night at the Aero Theatre’s seventh annual Horrorthon! Complete with between-film free food, giveaways, trailers, crazy shorts and surprises!
25th Anniversary!
Special Horrorthon prices: General $20, Student/Senior $18, Members $15 - includes all-night snacks.

Oh Micheal Myers, what have you been up to?
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 9:00pm!
Screenvision's presentation of Halloween will include an exclusive documentary short written and directed by Fangoria's Justin Beahm, "You Can't Kill The Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween," focusing on the undeniable impact the film, and series, has had on culture and the genre.

Lastly, well I'm waiting on Screamfest, but I'll have to post them when their schedule is up. Anyway every night in October the Cinefamily has

Nightmare City: A Video Nasties Celebration

Johnny Ryan, you stinker you were commissioned for this, it fits you perfect. At least I hope it's you, I got in trouble the last time I guessed who did the art for these flyers.

I can't even pick favs out of this collection, there's just too many weird ones even I haven't seen. These were all banned by England in the 80's it seems, making me want to watch them even more. There's a contest for this event too. Whoever, sits through all of them or at least the most of them is going to win prizes. Check the full info on the contest on the above link.

Okay, Extro sounds really cool a terribly strange looking rip of of E.T. see it Oct 12th. Have to say I'm surprised that Cannibal Holocaust ends the affair, though having a great story about how f-ed up average people can be given any power, I've seen much more disgusting films. It's more about disgusting then horror from that one.

So I'll have reminder on Screamfest and New Bev's in another update and any other films coming in for Halloween. Bwa-Hahahahahaha