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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventure Time: Jake Vs Me-Mow DVD Review

Holy Cow! It's Me-Mow, Jake VS Me-Mow..uh the DVD? It's a bit of a strange title for one DVD, but it doesn't matter, because it comes with a Finn Hat. Yes, Finn's hat from the show is yours and no I'm not blanking on what it's called. It doesn't really have an official name other than Finn's Hat and it has been called the bunny ears or cat ears hat thing.
Whatever it is, it's well made and should almost fit any ones noggin, so now you may watch Adventure Time without making your own Finn hat and if you did you're just cool. The packaging is just standout as you can see with Me-Mow coming out of Jake's nose, coming out of Finn's mouth. The hat is place in such a way to being perceived as part of the package art at first glance. Hats off to the people who came up with this one.

Ohh, the made the disc look like the meat pie Me-Mow was in from his episode, so you have a cute little pie disc with a cute little murderous Me-Mow when you open you DVD case.

Love these fun commercials too, wonder whose doing them.

What you're getting is another random collection of episodes, well Cartoon Network let fans choose online, so if you're really into the show you voice was heard with a bunch of voters. Here's the list of episodes.
1. Jake vs. Me-Mow
2. The Jiggler
3. What Is Life?
4. His Hero
5. Susan Strong
6. Belly of the Beast
7. Videomakers
8. Mortal Folly
9. Mortal Recoil
10. Too Young
11. Five Short Graybles
12. Thank You
13. Ocean of Fear
14. Goliad
15. Dad’s Dungeon
16. Another Way

If you're a fan of the show it's a fun collection, but you're mostly getting it for the hat. I had a partial quality issue with episode 1 looking like it was a bad transfer, but after that the episodes looked fine. The extra is that strange character guide that just seems like a waste of time to add to theses DVD's, just put on some Adventure Time fan art to music or something. The character guide I believe is made without any real continuity checks or from anyone involved directly with the show.

Pick it up as a stocking suffer, want something you can put in for you kids to watch or if you're a fan wanting a hat and getting a DVD on top of it.