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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rave 18+ One of the Finest Movie Theaters in LA

 Rave 18+
 In the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center
 6081 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 568-3394

Last Thursday, I was invited to the renovated Rave 18 formerly The Bridge at Howard Hughes Center. Even when it was the Bridge I considered it one of the best theaters in LA, it still lives up to that standard.

Let me start off with  FreeStyle Coca-Cola Soda Machines throughout the place. The have 106 flavors to try. It's Heaven people, I've mentioned these machines before at random locations around LA, but they have multiple machines. I believe right now they're the only theater in LA with this soda technology. The technology to quench my first with ..uh..guh.. so many flavors! These are flavors you haven't tried like Coke Orange or Sprite Peach. Powerade through Dasani, all so good, all at your fingertips.

There are 4 concession stands in the theater ready to take your order with good ol' popcorn and.. wait what's that, one of the only true IMAXes in LA.

Yes, there are only three true IMAXes in LA and Rave has one of them. Coming in at a staggering 7 stories, the screen is huge with stadium seating, which let's you watch whatever movie you want in the best experience possible. Forget IMAX experience it is a lie. To get technical only Rave and City Walk have are IMAX class theaters, because the third true IMAX belongs to the California Science Center, which doesn't show movies like the next Batman.

Now pricing isn't that bad, the highest you might pay is $11.50, unless it be IMAX or 3D. You might have to pay more if it's a special screening event like Opera or live boxing. The other cost that's a bit annoying is the parking is $2.00, except Tuesday when it's validated by the theater. Talking of Tuesday, all movies are $7.00 that day, unless it's 3D. 7 bucks is also lst matinee showing before noon every day.

Let's talk Rave Burger Bar. It has a big screen once you walk in, right behind you, almost mocking you for not seeing it. It also has some good food. I sampled " The Rave Burger" and some other goodies. My favorite was the Little Loaded Potato Skins, definitely pop'em in your mouth after or before a film. You can grab food for the family at it or later in the day have a nice beer at the bar.

What drove me to the place is it's aesthetic. It looks like how a current gen theater should look. Clean with nice big halls, no confusing paths. There's only two hall of theaters and one of them leads to that beautiful IMAX I wrote about earlier. There are machine inside where you can order your tickets other than the box office outside.

Outside the theater I might add are two really great places to go before or after your movie, Powersurge and Putting Edge. I've already reviewed the modern arcade here and have an upcoming review for Putting Edge, it's a glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course. You also have plenty of places to grab food and your about a minute away from the Westfield Mall nearby. So it can easily be a full day out if you want it to be or plenty of options on a date or way of getting the kids out for the whole day. For you Moms and Dads with youngins, they have special screenings for kids on the weekend for only five bucks per person, young or old. Peppa Pig is playing as this is written.

Just for some trivia, we were told directors love screening their work on the IMAX in the place. Also Funimation use to have some events held there, but have since moved on to a love affair with the Downtown Independent.

Just to tell you right now, they are doing the Ultimate Marvel Marathon leading up to The Avengers. This is happening Thursday May 3, starting at 12pm. Then starting in June is the Free Family Festival with free movies being played early in the day for the young kids. Check their site or Facebook for details about each.