Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Japan Film Festival This Weekend

Hello, Hello, Hello,
Japan Film Festival 2012 Los Angeles hits LA this weekend, the only movie I'm considering is the one below, any other film might make the watcher cry or get too emotional. This year's selection is some of the saddest and heartbreaking films I've heard of including one man's life as he prepares to die and another man who works cleaning up after people have died. It be so bad, but cool if those films crossed over, which is impossible, because one's a real doc and the other's a drama.

Saki The Killer paints a story in blood, the film looks like crazy Japanese ideas of what's normal. Yakuza's certainly show up and if your a female artist you get revenge by sleeping with them then killing them. Then why not use their blood as paint. This might be the only non-dramatic movie or doc at the festival. Sure it says drama, but when you start painting in blood and have all out silly Yakuza it becomes a comedy to me.

April 14 (Sat) New Beverly Cinema (Hollywood)
 9:00 pm – 10:40 pm SAKI THE KILLER ***
***Director and staffs are scheduled to appear for Q&A

See it as part of Japan Film Festival, which really should be called Japanese Film Festival.