Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Bless America Review

Such high hopes for this film were dashed like all the content it makes fun of. It's message about how American culture has descended is beaten over your head so much it could have been in the movie, maybe with an American flag painted on rock busting someones skull and been funny.

You get the story of Frank, sick of his awful life and sick of current America, after an extremely bad day, he decides to kill himself, but sees some MTV like show and decides to kill it's main bratty star. After catching up with a young teenage partner, Chloe, out for people who say bro and what not, they join forces. The teenage girl sidekick really reminded me of James Gunn's Super. The movie even got so meta is recognized how strange it was the main character was an older man with a young girl sidekick with some sexual undertones.

Here are it's problems

1.Monologue after monologue about what's wrong with America, it's a movie, have visuals to go with yourstatements. Watching someone sit down and talk is a podcast.

2. Bloody start, boring middle, bloody end. The length of the film has nothing going on. A montage of killing people you don't like, wow, really original.

3. Shoddy directing. The director might be good at some close-up shots, but my god, Bobcat should just write the films, not direct them. Gotta bring up the random driving shots around the country which I call filler. I get trying to establish the duo are going across America, but it eats up time. Just general lack of exciting shots and locations.

4. Oh, they just happen to be there? Towards the end one of the film one of there targets as foreshadowed at the start just happens to be in the same place as another for no good reason. This is one of many times the script just tries to cram everything it can into the film, which I don't get. Bobcat was director and writer, he couldn't take the time to set aside someone else being murdered?

5. Tom Kenny, I've met him multiple times at different events in LA. Always courteous to his fans and just a nice guy. He didn't need to be the only voice of commercials in this film and appear in it. You'll catch a bunch of cameos from comedians throughout the film, which is fine, but I must of heard Tom Kenny's voice as every voice over on TV and radio.

God Bless America isn't worth your time, you could just listen to a podcast about what Bobcat doesn't like about America. I hope someone just edits it's down to it's start and end and it would work fine as a thirty minute short.