Sunday, April 15, 2012

South Park: Tenorman's Revenge Review

You guys!!!!!! I want to play with four friends, not by myself, seriously you guys! With South Park: Tenorman's Revenge you can! You can play as any of the four boys you've grown to love? Not in that way sicko. Cartman gets a lot of love, still not in the way, as his awkward relationship with his half-brother and a stolen xbox hard drive make up your quest of fighting ginger robots throughout time.

Story wise, an animation wise the game is like watching an episode., the intro movie depicting Cartman as a hero is so far-fetched and ridiculous you feel like you star watching an episode. All game animation look like they were made for the show. The game really feels like an episode, sort of like a Christmas special or special treat for gamers with some inside gaming jokes. You can see that the game was made with the show in mind with a lot of old refrences for South Park fans, myself being one. Yet, I would have liked a better enemy then Tenorman, I felt he's played out.

When it comes to game play you can be any of the four boys: Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan each with their own special power. Cartman has a butguster that breaks down walls, Kenny a high Jump, Kyle an ability to walk through shields, and Stan can throw a football. Each can come in handy and unlock secret areas or content. You'll also get temporary super abilities based on the characters made up a season or two ago. You can be The Coon and other off brand heroes that'll help you in certain parts or allow access to hidden stuff, great idea.

Now playing all alone isn't that fun, it seems like you want comradery to get help taking down ginger robots, you need your friends to fully explore the game, unless you want to revisit levels as the same character. Now the problem with four players or more than one on screen is the screen stretches far out making it harder to see, sort of like that Castelvania game that came out not to long ago. It can be too much to take in, that's another problem, levels are big and sometimes whats on screen is way too much. Sometimes you can just see to much of a level and it feels empty. A better use of space might have been needed, sometimes everything just feels to spread out.

Fighting also seems muddled. I don't feel the glee of smashing a ginger robot, which sometimes gets really annoying to destroy, having to knock one down by hitting it, then jumping on it. I felt I was always going to miss where I was going to land when jumping on one of them. Just couldn't gauge if I'd go to far. The enemies should have been fater like Cartman or the jump should have been gauged better. You do get weapons like a bubble gun, bat and crowbar to whack ginger bots in the face, I kind of would have liked a beat-em up more than platformer.

While playing with friends, levels seemed to go on for too long and deaths seemed  too many , many asked not to continue, not a clear sign of enjoyment. If your a true fan of the show you will delight in the games throwback to references, but for others it might not be enough to win you over. The demo is up on xbox live and down the line the much anticipated South Park: The Game will becoming out with an RPG, Lord of the Rings feel.

Game was provided by publisher for review purposes.