Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Metagame Review

A debate card game on the most important issue of our times, video games. Metagame asks:What is a better game? What has stronger characters? What's fastest? Random questions to debate over. A judge presides over you an your opponent/s an awards points. Associates and I played the version where you draw five different random video game cards each.There are multiple ways to play, this is only one of them. One person not debating is assigned the judge and draws a question card at random and judges who has the better argument after some TED style like talks are laid down.

This game was is an opinionated nerds dream. All my friends and I were delighted to have fun, but bitter conversations on different games. Going over different elements of gaming that Metagame makes you think about. Sometimes you need to be careful what game you use, sure GTA or Skyrim could be considered better than Pong, but what if the next question is about playability or customization. However if your a great orator you might be able to save yourself explaining why Dig Dug is more tragic than Space Invaders. This game is certainly one of the best games out their if you have a deep knowledge of video games and their history. I wasn't kidding earlier, it's a great game to nerd out too.If you really want to get nerdy, it's good card stock too, the cards aren't on cheap paper they have a feel to them.

Just to add, I totally love the game. Going into it, I had no idea how much fun debating with friends over games could be, I even did the unthinkable and complemented some on their points and presentation, some who I thought were idiots and would die in a debate against 3rd graders.

One part made me laugh out loud, you know Metagame was made with the best intentions and humor, because their is a Metagame card within Metagame for even more self-referential humor.

This isn't only older games, they have indie titles, console, PC, mobile and DLC content all represented on it's own shiny card. What I'm saying is Metagame also looks good. Each game card is adorned with a different artist's take on a particular game. While playing, every time a new game card was drawn it had to be admired, passed around and thus commented on. It's not simple box art or clip art images it's real pieces of art. Hopefully, they do a iam8bit edition, just sayin. BTW, if you live in LA, you can pick up the cards at the iam8bit store/gallery instead of getting them online, no shipping cost.

If out of LA get them here,
maybe check out the culture edition.

Below are some debates between me and so called friends, so you can see it in action.

Reviewer was given game from publisher for reviewing purposes.