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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hero Complex 2012 May 18-21

Hero Complex is back! One of the fine events that leads into E3 and AX and the LA Film Festival. Magical fan nights await you, just check whose coming this year! Robo Cop! I know Detroit's getting the stature, but honestly can't we have one too? Stan Lee, wow he already has his own convention here in LA, for a guy in his 80's he lives life to the fullest.

Honestly, the best part is the interviews that Geoff has with these nerd kings. He talks like an old friend and you get real answers, not something from a publicist. Get you tickets starting tomorrow.

The lineup includes:
“Dawn of the Dead”Fri. May 18– director Zack Snyder will discuss reimagining the terrifying classic for a 21st century audience withRobert Kirkman, the creator and writer of Skybound/Image Comics’ “The Walking Dead” and many other titles
“Shaun of the Dead”Fri. May 18– co-writer and director Edgar Wright will talk about creating the acclaimed British horror-comedy
“RoboCop” Sat. May 19– star Peter Weller will chat about mixing science fiction, action and satire to create an enduring (and very durable) icon; the Festival will screen a new, digitally-remastered version of the film
“A Clockwork Orange” Sat. May 19- Malcolm McDowell, Alex from Stanley Kubrick’s ultraviolent portrait of a dystopian future, will reminisce about the making of a cultural touchstone
“SUPER” Sat. May 19- the subversive dark comedy will bring star Rainn Wilson away from his “Office” job to chat about infusing comic book antics with hipster irony
“WALL-E”Sun. May 20- children of all ages will again be enthralled during a matinee screening and discussion with writer/director and two-time Oscar®-winnerAndrew Stanton; footage from Pixar’s upcoming “Brave” will also be shown
“Serenity” Sun. May 20– Nathan Fillion, Mal Reynolds himself, will talk about the conclusion (or not) of the “Firefly” saga and being an indelible part of the Whedon-verse
“An Evening with Stan Lee”Mon. May 21– Stan Lee, comic book legend and Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment, will discuss the inception and future of the superhero era in film; movie screening to be announced