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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sony Reveals PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale with Bad Camera Work and Monotone Speaking

Kotaku just plain hated the name " Sony Confirms New PS3 Fighting Game, Complete With Stupid Name " I just hate the camera work and monotone speaking from the speaker. Could Sony not tell us the news of this game in such a piss poor manner? But, yeah, the name is kind of dumb.

-Camera work

What the Hell is going on? You couldn't set up a tripod? Why are you at an angle and zooming in and out and slightly moving. Did you just get out of art school?

Also saw his shadow minus points

-Monotone Speaker

You are boring. I know you're in charge of the game, but where the Hell are the spokesmen for this or Kevin VP of Sony?

-Gaming Journalist only

It couldn't be more of a sausage party if you tried. I think I saw clones. Was there not one white male, wait spotted one chick... before slow motion of someone using ps3 controller... because that's cool... I guess?

Sorry, just hate that's the reveal, they couldn't do something cool at E3? Like have people in costumes at E3 battle on stage or outside.

Oh Sony, sometimes I don't get you.

Game wise it looks fun. A complete rip-off of Smash, but who cares. Just hope there's a bigger roster of fighters down the line.