Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classic Huntington's Japanese Garden Back

Relaxation, thought, and the simple pleasure of walking through a wondrous place are just at the edge of the outskirts of the city. Last week, I toured the magnificent, finally finished Japanese Garden of the Huntington.

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108

 It's been a long wait to see the beauty of the garden restored. Visitors can once again bask in awe of the moon bridge and the ponds and streams that surround it. Greenery mixed with pinks and blues of differed hues, birds chirping away. It's the perfect place to get lost and have the sun shining on you.

Just view the pictures below for only a glimpse into the restored area. I kept thinking how nice it was to hear the water as it rushed by walking through the immense garden. You can circle through it and the Chinese Garden nearby. Every step, every breath, just simple relaxing time outside.

The new feature raved about by the staff is the addition of a ceremonial tea house at the top of the garden that give a great view of every where you walked. It's one of many places to wander through. The Japanese House has been restored and don't worry about it being ruined by rain or bad weather. It can be bunker-ed down with a protective wooden shell that protects it paper walls at night. New paths are opened up to walk with the water as it glides through the garden.

The staff wants the garden to still expand and be part of the community with numerous activities planned to teach and get people involved. Talk of a craft center to learn how to some Japanese crafts sounds like a fun way to study the culture. Of course tours and the exploration by the garden will open up anyone to learn more.

Don't forget it's only a part of the big picture of the Huntington. You can examine and explore so many different places on Earth by traveling to the other gardens. You can study art and history throughout it's museums and galleries and libraries. Don't pass up a chance to go outside and get away from all the tech, gossip and horrible people in your life. It's fine to take pictures, but get off your cell phone if your going I don't want to hear you, I want to hear the stream go by. I doubt children will enjoy the Japanese Garden unless they really enjoy nature, they do have a great kids section at the Huntington, but don't force them into areas if there bored, you just have to realize they're too young to appreciate it. Great place to go on a date too.