Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kickstarter LA : Miracle Mile Doc on Tiny Kitten Zombies

The Miracle Mile Paradox ARG
Well this already got funded, but it's happening this Summer. Yeah a really fun sounding ARG this Summer not based on any video game or movie. The money is going to be used for a reall office space on the Miracle Mile? I wonder how it will all go? BTW it'll be free now that it's funded, so anyone can join it. I'll be sure to remind you about it later.

Out of Print - A Documentary about the New Beverly Cinema

With some big name interview planned and one of the only independents left, there's nothing that should be stopping you from funing a doc about the New Beverly Cinema. I'd love to see it on Netflix one day.

Tiny Kitten Teeth Deluxe Hardcover Book
They've been in a bunch of art shows in and around LA, now they're making a book.

Eaten By Zombies! In Cahoots Deckbuilding To Die For Game

I'm cheating on this one, they aren't based on LA, but their Zombie deck building game looks like so much fun. They're well beyond their goal, but you can still grab the game with some perks.