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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lord Nut Levington's Nuts Review

We all love nuts, let's just admit it. I know some of you say you're allergic, but I call it being lethargic. Nuts are to be consumed by the populace and enjoyed. So when I spied some brand new nuts in far from normal flavors I asked to sample some. Lord Nut Levington's Nuts are what I'm writing about it. This great man of nuts has given us so much to munch on during a sports game or party for someone who can walk again. Let's be serious that person who can walk again has changed and just isn't the person you knew anymore. Who cares your eating nuts, with them and can learn to be friends with this new former friend. That's the power of Lord Nut Levington's Nuts.

Here's how I score the nuts I sampled, in which I mean I ate too many at once.

-For the child in us all, it's kind of like a trail mix on it's own. Apples, cinnamon and some vanilla to get you hungry for a desert. It's like a preparatory desert. You'll want a cupcake or a pudding later

Thai Dyed
-To me it tasted like spicy lemons, wasn't my cup of nuts. However, my more healthy eating friends gobbles them up and said it reminded them of coconut soup?

Sweet Miss Keet
- Smokey pineapple BBQ flavor. Perfect for a BBQ or that thing Hawaiians have with the pig, a Louey I believe it's called or is that the man you invite over to enjoy these with you.

Rebel Mary
-Like a Bloody Mart, except no real blood, forget it vampires. It tasted like cocktail sauce to me. Nuts that taste like cocktail sauce, there's a joke there. If you like tomato, you'll enjoy it.

Mamma Mia
- My favorite and don't call me a Mamma's boy, there's a whole Chromeo song for it, so just play it. Tomato, cheese and garlic, like eating small yummy sandwiches.

El Cheddarales
- Hey Gringo! Why not try some cheddar cheese and Jalapeno, well you're probably not a gringo if you've had nachos before. Kind of like nachos.

Just from a design standpoint the cans of nuts are eye-catching and each as it's own story to tell you about that certain peanut.

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