Monday, April 16, 2012

Caine's Arcade What's Going To Be The Dumbest Article About It?

 It could be this one, I did want to call it "Abel's Arcade, what of Caine's Brother ?"

 I was told of the arcade by friends, family and Facebook all telling me, check out this arcade created by a little boy. Since it is an arcade and it is in LA it is now in the arcade section. Want more info read Matt Hawkins article about it.

Here's the official site for it.

I'm mainly waiting for the worst article title and story from media outlets. Yahoo is in the running, yes Yahoo has a dedicated video game channel called Plugged In... eh, who knew they did anything anymore? It's winning right now with an extremely boring article titled "Boy behind Caine’s Arcade adjusts to sudden fame" which went straight to my who gives damn department. 

Here's snippet

"He just goes along like regular kid," George Monroy, Caine's father, told Yahoo! Games.

Wow! Because he is regular kid Yahoo Games and it's a pretty worthless article. Not making fun of the dad or the accomplishments of Caine just how far media will go on about one story. "Degrees of Virality: 3 Reasons Caine's Arcade Video Hasn't Hit It Even Bigger" is in the running as it goes through a comparison with Kony 2012 on virality. Really boring crap, that should have never been written. "9 Reasons Why The 9-Year-Old Founder Of Caine's Arcade Will Be A Billionaire In 30 Years"also from Forbes, Forbes is really bored I guess, it's cute, kind of dumb, but funny, so it's fine.

I'll be waiting for the one article that doesn't capture anything newsworthy and truly pisses me off, here's looking at you Fox News.

Update: Forbes really no longer the financial news giant I thought it was with third and fourth article by different writers "Three Economic Lessons Of Caine's Arcade" and 9 Hidden Factors of Caine's Arcade Success shows how very bored Forbes is. Oh Forbes, you put this in your feel good section of the day not write three,.. I mean four articles about a child's arcade. What is with your number fetish too, is it like your thing like Variety's shortened headlines or is it all a code. Right now in order of article's dates 9930393, what's this code unlock Forbes. I tried calling it, busy signal.