Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Princess Jellyfish Review

Princess Jellyfish: The Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Otaku girls? Yes the do exist, they go to Anime Expo, live life, discuss anime, sorry sound like a ambien(happy pills) commercial. You get the dirty on Otaku girls of Japan who seem much, more uhhh anti-social, or maybe not from Princess Jellyfish. Meet the sisterhood an in joke about being single. Composed of our main character Tsukimi a young Otaku girl who just joined the sisterhood who happens to love Jellyfish. Mayaya the Romance of Three Kingdom loving, tall, seemingly eyeless otaku. Joining the list of possibly having no eyes is Banba, her Afro discloses where she might be keeping her powers to find the best meat and treats, this girl is also about trains. Chieko, the doll lover and kimon wearer, she runs the modest hangout where the all live. Finally, Jiji, who freak me out with her bizarre love of old men. I had never heard of the vice from Japan before seeing her on the screen.

So these girls don't have jobs and endlessly follow their otaku pursuits. They also can't seem to stand human contact. To bad for them their residence might be up for grabs unless the raise the money to buy it, but none of them have ever worked. Enter a new "girl" Kurako. There's going to be some problems for some readers, because, well.."dude looks like a lady". Yeah, this boy dresses like a chick, but not some unkempt drag queen, he looks stylish.

Stylish happened to be the term Funimation uses for all the people the girls can't seem to handle, I've seen others online say it was suppose to mean hipster. Either way the girls turn to stone at the mere sight of them.

Back to young women man, he seems to be doing this "girl cosplaying" because he dosn't want to deal with political office, see he's Dad is a diet member (diet is Japan's government), his Uncle seems to be the the Prime Minister of Japan. There also might be some built up Mommy issues. Less on that more on his bro, who wouldn't go by bro, but brother. He's uptight and in love with Tsukimi or the pretty version of Tsukimi.

Let's rewind a bit, you see the girly boy Kurako, saved a Jellyfish from death at a pet store with Tsukimi, ever since then Kurako keeps bugging Tsukimi. She bugs, pesters and prods the Sisterhood dressing them up and well kind of empowering them I guess?
From the shows opening theme song you know it's playful and nerd oriented as it's goes through multiple movies depicting the characters as heroes. Each of the Sisterhood is outspoken nerd girl and impacts the incredibly bizarre behavior, it's a fun look into the live of nerd girls.

Shockingly the anime is only eleven episodes, which just makes me want to cry out for more. In these eleven episodes you get to know the main characters deeply and get a love triangle between brothers, which some series don't manage to pull off, very well or take more time. Look at ThundeCats( 2011), three person love triangle just started to get worse between Tygra, Cheetara and Lion-O. If you haven't figure it out yet, girly boy still likes girls.

Princess Jellyfish was dubbed and brought stateside, because Funimation asked it's fans, "Hey you want us to bring this here", and so the did. It's interesting to see if that model will come into affect again until then, we have a slightly insane show about nerd girls, which can be watched by both sets of Otakus, even if there is a lot of talk about making dresses.

You've got some nice extras there's ma'am.

 How dare you, police! Oh, police! He said my extras were ample! Lock him away!

Well, as I rot in complements taken the wrong way prison let me tell you of the fine extras. How about two series of  little shorts and commentary by the Japanese voice actresses when they go on some promotional events.

I still don't understand DVD-Blu-ray combo packs. Funimation should have split them up for different pricing options. They keep their branding sense of taste way up as the cases for your media discs looks great. They even have flip covers with cast on the other side of the first cover. So stylish, I guess.

Even though the series can be a bit girly sometimes for my taste, it's still funny to see nerds girls go crazy and act all weird for no reason, a different perspective of what you think of an Otaku.