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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Weekly What You Can't Do: Go Outside Still, But We Found Some Streaming For You

Let's go over some online experiences as you might be stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

-CBS All Access has a 60 day free trial.

"All you have to do is head over to the streaming service’s website, and when you go to checkout, use the promo code GIFT and sign up for a one-month free trial. Once your account is created, then go into your account settings and in the “Subscription & Billing” area you can put in the ENJOY promo code to add another free month."
via /Film

-Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle

"This special one-week bundle features $1,071 worth of games and ebooks for just $30. 100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to support organizations responding to COVID-19. For example, delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients."

North America Nerd Nite-A-Thon
Tuesday, March 31,  4PM
Online of course

"We’re putting on our first North American Nerd Nite-A-Thon so you can enjoy eight of our favorite presentations from across North America. Enjoy drinking and learning from. We’ll toast you while online."

Thursday, April 2, and Friday, April 3, 7:30 pm
 Online of course

 " A new free LACO AT HOME taped-for-streaming performance featuring LACO Concertmaster Margaret Batjer performing a selection of Bach solo violin works, and Assistant Concertmaster Teresa Stanislav and Viola Robert Brophy, who are married, performing a Mozart violin and viola duo."

Golden Hour: The Art of George Townley
Friday, Apr 3,  Noon
Online of course

From G1988:
"We are so excited to release two new collections exclusively online to our customers. We may not be able to leave the house here in Los Angeles - but artist George Townley has depicted the beauty of our wonderful city."

The Other Lamb
Friday, Apr 3
Online of course

For her entire life, the cult she was born into has been all that teenage Selah (Raffey Cassidy) has known. Along with a band of similarly cloistered young women she lives seemingly unstuck in time, cut off from modern society in a remote forest commune presided over by a man called Shepherd (Michiel Huisman), a controlling, messiah-like figure with a frightening dark side. But when her insular world is rocked by a series of nightmarish visions and disturbing revelations, Selah begins to question everything about her existence—including her allegiance to the increasingly dangerous Shepherd. Awash in images of primal, dreamlike dread, this provocative fable is a haunting vision of adolescent awakening and revolt.