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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Perky Nerd Opens Saturday Get Ready Burbank

People of Burbank and the greater Los Angeles area you soon will have a new comic shop/cold brew coffee shop/game den/hangout spot to chill out at. The place is called The Perky Nerd and it opens this Saturday right along Magnolia for easy access.

Saturday, April 23, 11am-7pm 
The Perky Nerd
1606 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California 91506

I sat down with Tiffany Melius, co-owner of The Perky Nerd as it was being built around us. The red-haired cosplayer Mom was busy getting internet installed and trying new brands of coffee as wallpaper was going up. She had her adorable baby, Jack, in tow who would sometimes join our conversation. My favorite moment was when he farted during it.

When I arrived the only part of the store up was the logo in the window. Later on the site we'll have a before and after picture of the inside of the store. A week before opening and then during the grand opening.

The Perky Nerd when completed sounds like a great new addition to the comic loving community of Burbank. One reason might be the upcoming Summer heat.

"We're going to be doing cold brews (coffee) from Stumptown, Groundworks and Sip of Seattle," is what Tiffany told me. She said their would be and expanded selection as the store works out what people like. Don't worry if you're not a coffee drinker, she told me their would be plenty of other choices besides coffee to sip while in the store.

Warm beverages might be coming down the line, but you'll have to wait until the store starts going. Maybe even their own line of coffee.

Snack and cookies, scones will be available with your drink.

"So it's gonna be comics on one wall, there's going to be a little lounge area, this will be the counter where you'll see the menu boards and the coffee beans will be selling. Over here will be a bunch of game tables like [Star Wars] X-Wing and Armada. Then all the other shelving will be Funko Pop," Tiffany was telling me. "This is suppose to be a cool place for anyone to come in, like the diehards, the noobies. Anyone can come in and get into, get hooked on them [comics]." Adding later, "It's for the social nerd in you."

She was excited, she had the air around her of someone who wasn't stressed out with their store opening in less than two weeks and no furniture in place, she seemed like she was having fun. She smugly told me, "We'll have nesting dolls that are like Star Wars type, I kind of love those." She kept listing more and more goodies the store will sell.

Tiffany told of carrying a few games for purchase like Pandemic! and Munchkin, which will be playable in the store.

I asked what a customer  will do when they come in. Tiffany replied," You come in, get your comic and grab a cold brew and then there's an opportunity to sit down and chat with other people or meet friends and play a game."

"I'm in a book club right what I wanted to incorporate in the store was ... we would read Paper Girls or the Lumberjanes, and then that would be our book, a Comic Book Women's Club." Noticing I was a little dismayed by the lack of being a women Tiffany nearly laughed and said, "Well, maybe guys want to have their own too." With the possibility of a mixed group.

We divulged into her own nerdiness with her being part of Hero Clique, a cosplay group and a X-Wing gaming group."We went to Comic-Con and I cosplayed as the Scarlet Witch from the comic book when she was pregnant." She showed a picture of her and her friends with Rob Liefeld
to me. Her love of comics comes from her getting into Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) in 2007, when she really got into the hobby. And she has a pull list at the local House of Secrets.

"We just went to WonderCon and contacted our favorite artists." She's planning on carrying special prints from them. They also plan on having signings down the line.

For the opening, be prepared as Tiffany thinks there might be some cosplayers and Burbank is celebrating with a parade thesame day with food trucks nearby.

We ended talking about Civil War with Tiffany talking about ladies enjoying the shop. "I hope a lot of girls, Moms and people who might not normally come out, because I've heard a lot of , 'My husband goes to that place I can't wait to go to your place.' I added, it might be a good place for a nerd love connection.

"Were thinking about a Happy Hour thing on Fridays," Tiffany added with while we went kept going on about Civil Wars premiered being too early for fans who don't want to hear spoilers.

So try out The Perky Nerd this filled to the brim in Burbank weekend and maybe make it a regular spot.