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Friday, April 29, 2016

High-Rise Quick Review

The Ben Wheatly indie film about a 1970's dystopian future taking place in a London high-rise has some of the slickest visuals you would expect from any art house film that had so much buzz. Sadly, the 1970's notions stay with Amy Jump's writing adapted from the J.G. Ballard novel it's based on. That is to say it is a mad cap script that doesn't make much sense as to why no one just leaves the High-Rise or breaks down into such a disarray. Yet, even when eating family pets, the characters remain British in practically, speeches and bureaucracy. If you're going just for a break-down of human society and don't care how you get there, then by all means enjoy.

It's painful to write it off when so many small pieces fall in together. So much effort was put into small roles and little nods to the tiniest of actions a character may have.

If the director or the script could have just changed how everyone got there with a bomb going off we don't even need to see on screen or society overall falling apart it would have resolved why everything in the High-Rise was going insane. Instead, it's more of a premise from Monty Python that happened to get Tom Hiddleston to play the lead.

-Lots of artsy visuals
-Sex times

High-Rise is out now on VOD.