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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire Very Cheap Time Travel Fun

With the power of my Kia I traveled through the ages from the year 2016 to 1500s to a simple land called Irwindale. There I hurled axes, ate ye olden meats, watched as my friends acted like fools and drank and of course gazed upon the eye-popping bosoms of tight corsets of the day. Traveling back in time was made possible by the The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, a fairly long name for a a place out of a fairly tale. With much delight I must tell you to time travel the cheapest of ways and visit such a time.

Past the big sheep dogs and the blacksmith, friends and I rented clothing of the period. We dressed as a knight, a peasant and somehow a Puritan. Their clothes costing around $30, mine, a Knight's outfit, double that. We soon made or way in the garb of the day. That didn't deter others for living out there own fantasies as those in Star Trek Uniforms and even a Sword Art Online (anime) cosplayer were walking around on opening weekend.

There were many choices, but no Kingly attire? Perhaps, I came too late in the day to grab it. I mean, "It's good to be the king."$10 more for shoe covers or real boots. Being a pirate or a merchant adds to setting the mood and does make the faire more does taking selfies in such gear.

As soon as the attire of the land was on us we went to the food court. A sprawling selection of foods to eat. Ye old sushi was there...and even vegan options. For me and me lads, we ate big ol' turkey legs, which provided sustenance and made for great pictures.

You need cash!

Once inside it's cash only, there's ATM's, but nothing else, but a few liquor places will take it. You need cash for the wide selection of snack from strawberries covered in chocolate and bacon to meat pies.

Same goes for the games. And I jest not, there are many games. We shot at LEGO creatures, threw axes with great skill, fired crossbows at hydras. We didn't make it to the Javelin throws, ninja stars and knife throws. There was a kind of bowling and a kind of rolling. Though designed for children one of my mates decided it best to roll in a plastic bubble in a man made pond. He tumbled over and over and we laughed.

The staff, friendly and strange encouraged us in the games. They let us hold their swords and of course complimented our women folk.

(One smelled me, it was weird)

Klang! Crash! Slash! The Joust we witnessed was a joyous occasion, until a bitter loser took revenge. A real jousting match with knights on horses trying to knock shields off one another. Huzzah! Where you sit is where your loyalty lies as you wish your knight victory and subsequently wish DEATH to the other knights.

(If local to the LA area it's very reminiscent of a birthday at the Medieval Times.)

It was a time to shout and yell and scream and let all the liquor you've been drinking out. As mentioned there's more than one place to get some odd drink combos and even a pub crawl.

Never too far away is a stage with a different show, be it maidens singing or those playing with fire. I cry, for I was too busy to even stop for one. In the background, I could hear singing or jokes through every path.

It can take a day to fully get through it all, maybe even more. If you enjoy Game of Thrones or just RPG's it's a wonderful location to let a bit of your fantasy into reality.

Be like those people in the sitcoms you've seen and the cartoons you watch like that episode of Clarence and  try it out for yourself.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire
April 9th through May 22nd, 2016

Saturdays and Sundays 10 am - 7 pm  

Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area

15501 East Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA

Adult single day - $28.95
Child (ages 5-12) single day - $15
Children 4 and younger are FREE!
Adult Season Pass - $150.00
Child Season Pass (ages 5-12) - $60.00

Parking $10 
Discount Tickets available at Walgreens