Monday, April 18, 2016

Seoul Waffle Pizza Open Fights Munchies

I feel good, so good, because I got Seoul, Seoul Waffle Pizza. The brand new waffle pizzeria has been grabbing local headlines for its strange combination and possible perfect post-pot taste. We can say after trying the, "Seoul Lover," a blend of bulgogi, corn, mozzarella and kimichi that it does fit most snack holes most nicely.

There's an entire selection of different waffle pies to ingest with hamburger steak, shrimp, avocado and even some spicy chicken.

The cheese and warm waffle mix... oh, why is it so good? For some reason it does work, the taste of fluffy waffle mixed with pizza ingredients makes it a perfect snack while hanging in K-Town.

While eating your new pizza/waffle creation you have plenty places to sit in a tiny mall that has nothing of real interest in it. Everything in it is snore's ville, population: no one moving. It's second floor location makes you think of hanging out at mall's food court, a food court where they only serve waffle pizza.

Don't be in a rush. It took around ten minutes for us and that wasn't with a line. Expect to wait between 10-15 minutes for your personal waffles pies made fresh.

Only downside when we went (4/14/16) was the soda machine was out, buy a can at the supermarket downstairs for a better price.

Seoul Waffle Pizza
Oxford Plaza
3525 W. 8th Street