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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 TCM Classic Film Festival: Wait, Smell-O-Vision?

This weekend enjoy classics back on the big screen. Not only do you get to see classic Hollywood in theaters, but special guests and panels lets you share on how the films got made a maybe even changed some lives.

Take a gander at the lengthy list of films to peruse. Go to a bunch of the classics and dress and talk like they did in the 20's, see.

Or they have some newer stuff, but nothing on the list is from the 90s, cept' for Boyz in the Hood.

It's $20 dollars a seat per screening, first come, first seated.

2016 TCM Classic Film Festival 
April 28-May 1
Multiple Theaters in Hollywood
$20 per screening or get a pass

If you want sadness from your childhood they're showing both Bambi and Old Yeller, the cruel monsters.

Lighter films include Batman 1966 with Adam West in conversation after.

Then you have old sci-fi gems like GOG IN 3D with Forbidden Planet. 6 Hours To Live comes back restored where a man comes back to discover who murdered him.

For those who love fighting racism and sexism you have Intolerance; an apology film from the same director of Birth of a Nation, which was both racist and oddly the first real film as how they are today. Then you have Tea and Sympathy, which as close as studios could get back in the 50s at trying to defend homosexuality.

On the WTF, for sheer crazy we get another screening of Roar in LA, the film that has a cast of real lions, oh, it's insane and almost the whole crew was hurt, no dead, but those are real lions after Tippi Hendren.

It doesn't stop there as Smell-O-Vision comes back for Holiday in Spain. TCM has teamed up with, get this, Scent Events and the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

So this is how it will work!
How Smell-o-vision works at the festival:

The aromas have been freshly created by Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute of Art and Olfaction.

In addition to scents being dispersed in the theater, audience members will be asked to dispense some of the smells via personal spray bottles or, when cued, by releasing aromas via hand-held souvenir fans.