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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2016 Favorites

Well, it's the April film festival extravaganza month and The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival isn't letting us down with some strange content. You know over here at TTDILA we can't hold back when there's some Japanese related cinema in town. Here's our top choices to watch at this year's Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
April 21-28
Multiple Locations

Bitcoin Heist
Friday, April 22 9:00 PM

A team-up robbery caper that somehow connects to a video game tournament, we're in.

To catch Interpol's most-wanted hacker, Special Agent Dada must assemble a team of elite criminals that includes Jack (The Trickster); Vi (The Hacker); Luhan (The Forger); Linh (The Cat Burglar); and Phuc (The Inside Man). The latest feature by Festival fave Ham Tran, BITCOIN HEIST is a flashy “action comedy” set in the world of international intrigue and crime.

The Great Sasuke
Saturday, April 23 7:00 PM
Monday, April 25 4:30 PM

A Japanese pro-wrestler becomes a politician.

THE GREAT SASUKE chronicles the one life-changing year in the career of a regional Japanese wrestler and local politician known as The Great Sasuke.  Sasuke describes wrestling as his tenshoku — a lifework assigned by God and considers himself an entertainer and a public servant. Set in the suburb of Morioka City in northern Japan, his story begins when Sasuke, now in his 40s, marks his 20th anniversary as a wrestler. Despite dwindling attendance at his performances and declining health, Sasuke faces his adversity by climbing back into the wrestling and political arena for a final battle royale.

Robo Saints
Tuesday, April 26 9:30 PM

This short should play at at Anime Expo, I know it's meant to be a touching heartfelt with some LGBT issue, but it could have just gone a dark road.

A male cosplayer dresses up as a female anime character to win the heart of his best friend, on whom he had harbored a secret crush for a long time.

Shorts Program: The Unready Hero
Tuesday, April 26 7:00 PM

A collection of strange shorts with some stand outs including one about a Japanese super hero trying to get more attendance at the theme park he works at and a sumo musical.