Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Downtown LA in June Has Grand Park Paper Airplanes & Intrude's Giant Bunnies

The Grand Park is going to have a major makeover this June. There's going to be a Paper Airplane shade area put up. There was no way to write that didn't sound strange, shade structure or anything else seems strange. Essentially it's gonna look like giant paper airplanes are soaring overhead in the park for your amusement and to escape the sun. It comes to by a $100,000 grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation’s as part of the My LA2050 challenge, where LA is to be improved by 2050

via LADT News

Secondly, we have Intrude intruding downtown at three locations. Giant rabbits, made of white nylon, inflated are internally lit to gawk at during the night. It's called Intrude...and no, there is no deep meaning to it, it's just an art thing to stare at and take selfies with.

Sunday, June 5 – Saturday, June 11
12 - 9 PM daily
Installation spans three Brookfield properties:
Bank of America Plaza (333 South Hope Street), Bunker Hill
Wells Fargo Center (330 South Hope Street), Bunker Hill
FIGat7th (735 South Figueroa Street), Downtown