Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters at LACMA This Summer

Nothing since the Tim Burton Exhibit seems quite as fun as this summer's Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters upcoming exhibit at LACMA, July 31–November 27, 2016.

Details on the up to 500 items from LACMA and director del Toro's private collection will be on view at LACMA. For those who don't follow the director's work or know much about him you're in for a treat. He is known for horror and fantasy films. He has also amassed a huge collection of rare and strange items for himself that he keeps in his mansion called Bleak House here in LA. Think of him as a fanboy with enough money to buy almost everything he ever wanted.

The exhibition will be organized into eight sections: Childhood and Innocence, Victoriana; where visitors will subsequently experience a version of Del Toro’s Rain Room (not that Rain Room), a favorite spot in Bleak House in which del Toro has installed a false window and special effects to simulate a perpetual thunderstorm. Magic, Alchemy, and the Occult, with Movies, Comics, Pop Culture and Frankenstein and Horror, Freaks and Monsters and finally Death and the Afterlife.

Each section holds something close to del Toro's heart and will have some wonderful memorabilia, art or collectibles in it.

It hasn't been announced, but we can only speculate that there will be screenings of his films at LACMA.

We'll have more details on how you can visit the exhibit in the future.