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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our Own Alien Day In LA

The line was out the door to get into the special screening of Aliens from the Alamo Drafthouse. Though the new theater for the Drafthouse won't open until 2017 in downtown, Drafhouse have had special screenings in LA's many older theaters. The Theatre at Ace Hotel was Aliens venue and a perfect choice as the interior looks like H.R.Gigers in some aspects. Soon fans wearing sci-fi homage clothing were bustling about inside almost like a swarm of xenomorphs ready for human prey.

It was all in celebration for Alien Day, the first one taking place on 4/26. The date chosen for the location of the colony and where we first encounter the xenomorphs with acid blood, LV-426. So all around the country and LA there were special LA Alien/s screenings.

I prayed I would get a special edition Ripley Tee from artist Jay Shaw inside. And I'm glad to tell you while writing this that I'm wearing it. Please be jealous as you can't get them online or in stores. The special edition tee was limited to the screenings by the Drafthouse around the country. The line inside for it it wrapped around the theater like a facehugger's tail around a victim's neck.

Fans inside the LA screening could also purchase special edition Nostromo patches and pins. While waiting they could get a specially-themed Alien inspired drink at the bar like the vodka LV-426 or the Pabst Blue Ribbon Ripley & Newt. Then you could stare longingly into a few pieces from Sideshow Collectibles on display. Or you might have gone upstairs and gotten your picture taken with an alien at the picture facade.

This was all before Aliens was screened before a fan-filled audience that clapped at every famous line and snickered at the subtly of how Paul Reiser played the perfect 80's douche as Birk.

After a film that still stands up to today's CGI came out three special guests. Private Vasquez; Jenette Goldstein, Carrie Henn;Newt and Frost; Ricco Ross. Matt Gourley from the I Was There Too podcast hosted.

Newt, I mean Mrs. Henn revealed she is now a fourth grade teacher, the grade she somewhat missed while filming Aliens. Her favorite moments from the film were going down the utility shaft, in reality a very fun long slide that she couldn't remember how many times she went down, shea had too much fun doing it. Another favorite a scene in the director's cut where she gets to hit her real life brother who was cast alongside her in the film with her doll. Her and Jenette, Vasquez, revealed they were both getting NECA action figures.

It turned out that Jenette had a letter in her file over at Fox saying she would never let her likeness to be used, she told the crowd that it was a complete lie and it was a bureaucratic screw up. So now an action figure for all those tough girls is coming out. Jenette told how she at first thought the role she was going for was for an illegal alien when she cameo read for it. She was wearing too nice a dress at the audtion for how strong her role would be in the film later as a marine.

Ricco Ross was beyond happy by how the film holds up and that fans still enjoy it years later. He talked about the hard choice of choosing between being in Aliens and Full Metal Jacket when it was being cast in the 80's.

The night was filled with memories of horrible monsters impregnating and killing people, a true night to be glad you live in LA which has so many great screenings.