Friday, April 8, 2016

Star Fox Zero Was Gonna Have An Arwing Amiibo, Settle For These

We're bummed to find out that Star Fox Zero, coming out April 22, was initially gonna have an Arwing amiibo...and that it could transform like in the new game!

IGN talked to Mr. Nintendo himself, Shigeru Miyamoto who told them

“Unfortunately, we won’t be releasing an Arwing amiibo,” Miyamoto said. “We did have a few prototypes. There was an Arwing amiibo that transforms into the Walker, but we weren’t able to turn that into a product that could meet safety guidelines for children.”
What we do get is the Fox and Falco Amiibo's work with the game.

The Fox Amiibo unlocks the Retro Arwings, the whole fox team will pilot them, let's hope the old music gets played when you use your Amiibo.

The Falco Amiibo unlocks the Black Arwing, it's so fine, damn.