Saturday, April 23, 2016

Godzilla Memorial Lounge in Godzilla Vs Biollante

With Godzilla Resurgence coming out in Japan this Summer I thought it be nice to go through some of the older Godzilla films which are hilarious. They are never, ever to be taken seriously, they're factories of experimental and strange ideas. They make little to no sense and by most standards are to be considered B-Movie fun. So let's go on a trip all the way back to the almost 90's.

1989's Godzilla Vs Biollante is a dumb, campy film with staples of the Godzilla series like those sacrificing their lives, countries that don't exist and psychics. All that and a giant plant monster created out of Godzilla's DNA. It also has a Memorial Lounge?

Yes, the Godzilla Memorial Lounge. Looks beautiful. A Godzilla footprint skylight ceiling, a cute letter G with serving dish logo. It's such a strange idea, as memorials aren't bars where you can get drunk and have a nice meal.

Just the concept, if you think about it, is beyond strange. It's like having a 9/11 lounge or Japanese Tsunami lounge. Is there a wall of those who died in Godzilla's rampage?

Honestly, I cared more about the Godzilla Memorial Lounge more than most of the movie, which doesn't stop there on crazy.

Though a trope of Japanese films and Godzilla movies we have psychics. In this film we have a psychic school for little kids and it's adorable.

 The psychic children dreamed about Godzilla.
Then there's the computer graphics that make the Japanese Self Defense Force look like there playing video games.
If you look closely one of the cities is named Obama
I didn't even go over in detail the other strange tropes from the series carried out Godzilla Vs Biollante. Maybe I'll make a full list and go over it in a series, but there's so much stupidity it's hard not to take the whole film apart.

Until then check out the poster the stunned me when it was on a VHS cover in my video rental store back in the day.
 Bonus: Mothra hidden in Godzilla 2014.