Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Geeky Teas Is In Burbank Too

Burbank be all busy with nerd stuff this weekend and this gives you another chance to try Geeky Teas. A place to sip tea, play board games with friends and buy British goods cheaper than Rocket Fizz. Lion Bars, from England, are here for a dollar. There $2.50 or more at Rocket Fizz, forget you Rocket Fizz.

The wholesome goodness of Lion Bars isn't the only British product you can get imported with plenty of nerd merch to buy and games to get. Buy a game from the walled selection or just sit down and play one.
Word on the street is Geek Teas might be moving down to Magnolia, but it's only up in the air right now. Why move? Because parking and being able to spot it. You may miss the place as it's nestled behind a building. It's almost hidden, like some sort of wonderful doorway to a place to geek out at.

Yes, there ready for tabletop day on April 30th and then want your butt and the butt of your friends there to play all day.