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Monday, June 15, 2015

Xbox One Press Conference 2015

Let's go over the facts from Xbox One Press Conference, I covered it earlier this morning.

Halo 5 guardians
Multiplayer 4 players
Warzone campaign 24 players

From creators of Metroid Prime
Armature studios
Xbox One exclusive game

Xbox one backwards compatible with 360
Digital titles will show up automatically
Available today for xbox preview members
Coming this holiday for everyone else

Xbox elite control
Swappable parts

Fall Out 4
Laser Musket looks awesome
You have a dog!
Mods created on pc can be played with the x bone

Free for a week, wow such kindness, much generosity, wow
Plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 world trailer.
Forza motorsport 6
Car descended from ceiling, cars appear out of nowhere at this event too much or not enough?
World Exclusive Preview

Darksouls 3
Always Great

The Division
Exclusive beta first look on xbox
Rainbow six siege
Destructible environments
Rainbow 5 & 4 will come free with it

More than 1,000 indie games coming to Xbox, DANG

Fun looking indie game.
from gone home
Lunar exploration
Player exploration game
Heavily styled
No faces lol

Beyond eyes
Story about a blind girl

Amazing looking game 1930s looks with the feel of a 16 bit game
Coming 1936 +80 = lol

Rise of the tomb raider
Exclusive holiday 2015
Nov 10

Rare replay
30games in one

Sea of thieves
Exclusive world premier trailer
Rare game
Control a ship
Battle with other ships

Fable legends
Free to play

Microsoft working with valve
Working on holographic technology
Microsoft hololens
New version of Minecraft using hololens
You can display Minecraft anywhere

Gears 4
World Exclusive Preview
Holiday 2016

Chainsaw guns are back.
There will be blood.

Wrap up
Great games 
Good times
High Fives.